Multimedia LED display is made of light points that are connected to the module. One module is composed of 16x16 pixels. The distance between the points of light indicates the resolution of the screen, which can be in the range between 6 and 35mm. The display is drawn from an equal number of points in the horizontal and vertical direction.
There may be a larger format and are particularly suitable for viewing animation and video. Due to the large light emission LED screens are undiminished functionality, regardless of the external lighting conditions, even in cases of direct sun light radiation. The intensity of brightness of the display is adjusted automatically, depending on the influence of environment. Management is done via PC. The screens allow viewing of individual samples, text, point to static and dynamic, and all other graphical records. We also have the ability to download and playback of terrestrial, satellite and other forms of input signals for transferring image and sound.
Screen size is limited (For Delta city-is a 9x5 m), thanks to modern technical and construction solutions, so called. intelligent modules. They are used both in open and in closed spaces.

Led display in city of Vranje

Led display in city of Novi Sad

Indoor Led display on Amsterdams fair


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