LED screens are new to the market in Serbia. Its characteristics are themselves very quickly and make way to the most discerning customers. The application is limitless. The modular design and a segment has 1280x960mm. It is possible to combine any shape and aspect ratio of 4:3 TV, over 16:9 Wide-Screen cinema to 1:2.21 Ultra-Wide Sreen format. It is also possible to use the line at the edge of the field the football stadium as a promotional display.

Delta City

Palace Albania

  Knez Mihailova

Easy to use with computers which are built in a dedicated controller card is still easy. Modules are connected with each network cable, and on the computer monitor select the segment which is shown. And there are various possibilities of multi-image to the image in the image, each segment of their own, sharing a total area of pieces of arbitrary size to full image over all.
Download free catalogs and get to know the details. We also offer the possibility of renting the screen at concerts, promotions, parties, sports. football and other events.

Led displays in front of Belgrade arena

Led display on a truck



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The team on the field




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