Our offer includes development, projecting, installing, releasing electro systems and maintaining those systems in guarantied, and if it’s arranged, out of guarantied agreement period.

Company Tesla sistemi is consisted of many sectors. Among them is a sector for import and sale of merchandise made by numerous manufacturers.

With the circulation of the complex, from merchandise import, along with projecting, to installing and releasing the system with holding complete infrastructure to accomplish even the most difficult requests, we give our maximum for the user who invested his money.


Led displays

Belgrade became the city of the future. Its largest LED screen has the Delta City. During 2010. The Tesla sisitemi will make the installation of LED screen on the Zeleni Venac and the Dom Omladine . We can certainly conclude that the LED screens in Serbia made a "first step" and that begins in Serbia, a new type of advertising...

Led decoration

Decorating the interior and exterior of buildings is composed of the spectrum of development opportunities and installing decorative lighting and advertising details in objects of different purpose: television studies, discos, restaurants, sports books, business, and business centers, bridges, buildings, various events and celebrations, music halls.

Example of installation led displays

Novi Sad has received the largest LED screen. Tesla systems in the images you explain step by step how to perform installation of the screen. We also explain the most important items that should not be skipped...
In order to survive, live and exist, men is forced to move. Speed and tempo of modern man and living require constant and continuous gestures and movement. The constant movement and movement caused by the satisfaction of human needs. In order to successfully realize them must be informed. The lack of free time conditional on information on the move. The most efficient and modern forms of advertising provide just such an ultimate form of communication between customers and manufacturers

Consumer, ie. observer is forced to watch your ad as a necessary evil in the termination of the program, for example on TV, but it makes the pleasure to prekratio time during the traffic light at an intersection, waiting for the bus or before school hours.
LED technology provides highly effective marketing and creating a fantastic decoration. The annual increase in the application of this technology in the world is about 20%.




Small company? Large company? Projectant house? Installation house? Never mind.  Contact us. Ask for the solution of your problem. We are here to offer you the solution. No matter where you are we’ll be glad to solve your problems with the cooperation of our partners.


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